Mesa 3 will not turn on or battery will not take a charge

6 Apr 2020

If a Mesa 3 Android unit will not turn on, try plugging in 30W wall charger as well as a USB-C cable (attached to a PC or wall adapter) simultaneously. If this works, make sure updates are installed.

A Mesa 3 Windows or Mesa 3 Android unit may not immediately turn on if the battery pack(s) electronically disconnected such as after holding the hardware Power button for over 17-20 seconds (often referred to as a "Hard Reset"). New units from production are in this state, which is partially why we require attaching the 30W wall charger or a comparable external power source before initially powering on a unit. A Mesa 3 may also not turn on or may appear to not charge if the batteries (removable and/or internal) had been over-discharged to below a critical threshold. This may occur if the unit and battery pack(s) had not been stored properly (as instructed in the manual) such as for months or even years (and/or just in an already severely depleted state).

To potentially recover a unit and/or battery pack that is in the electronically disconnected state, make sure the main removable battery pack is inserted properly in the unit, attach a proper 12V 30W or higher power source (which will electronically re-connect the battery pack(s)), then briefly press the hardware Power button. If a battery is actually in an over-discharged state, you may need to leave it plugged in for a few hours such as overnight. Initially the system will only slowly trickle charge the severely depleted battery pack(s) for recovery. The red light may begin to flash slowly, indicating that battery charging is occuring. When the battery reaches at least 40 percent charge capacity, then the unit may finally again respond normally to pressing the Power keypad button, but you will most likely want to let the unit continue to charge until full.

To avoid this issue in the future, if using the unit daily then leave the unit plugged in over nights and weekends as recommended. If not using the unit daily, store the unit and batteries properly as instructed in the manual.

Make sure the door magnet is not missing or weak similar to as described for the Mesa 2 at the following web page.

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