Battery no longer detected or reduced capacity

27 Jan 2022

Updated - 19 Aug 2022

The EC (Embedded Controller) firmware version 1.22 or later for Mesa 3 Windows (or the latest Microcontroller firmware on Mesa 3 Android) can better detect if the cells in a battery pack have been over-discharged or are unbalanced. If these battery conditions exist, it no longer allows that battery to be shown and used (which could have potentially caused further issues/risks with the battery).

With prior firmware versions, such a battery may appear to not charge to full or to deplete rapidly (units based on the Mesa 3 Windows that originally shipped before Feb 2021 may need a specific hardware modification instead). The unit may still not even turn on until such a battery is removed (to then run on charger or optional internal battery instead).

With the latest firmware, the description “Battery 1: Not shown as recognized” or "Battery not present" may appear in the battery details if a battery pack has been over-discharged or is unbalanced. Otherwise the percent charge remaining or percent until full may be reduced. To explore potential causes, see Power Troubleshooting on Mesa 3.

If everything in the Power Troubleshooting article has been corrected/validated, and a battery has been over-discharged (and is no longer being shown), 

  1. If possible, perform a full Power Off or Shut Down (Start > Power menu or hold the hardware Power button for a few seconds) and wait for the screen and then the red light to go out. If the unit will not even turn on, just proceed to step 2.

  2. Leave the unit plugged in overnight to potentially recover the battery.

If you are using a separate spare battery charger,

  1. Detach the charging cable.

  2. Insert the battery.

  3. Re-attach the cable.

  4. Leave the device overnight to recover.

If the battery cannot be recovered in the unit, and other batteries work in this unit, then using the unit serial number for reference the battery can be submitted to our repair center to evaluate for repair or replacement. If our repair center finds that the battery truly has unbalanced cells which cannot be recovered, and the battery is less than a year old from when originally purchased from Juniper Systems, then the costs for replacement may be covered.

Warning: Using an old firmware version (choosing not to update or rolling back to an older version) in order to use and view an unbalanced battery is not officially supported; you risk unexpected behavior, e.g., inaccurate battery level indicator, overall reduced capacity. If, despite this warning, you opt to continue to use an unbalanced battery at your own risk and lose improvements in later firmware versions, then the last firmware version for Windows models that did not block an unbalanced battery can be installed by running the following file and command from the Command Prompt.

M3Updater_UEFI_135_EC_116.exe /uefi

If you opt to use an unbalanced battery, we suggest that you do not leave the unit plugged in for charging for longer than 8–12 hours (or overnight) to avoid any unknown potential for overcharge or other conditions as warned against on the battery label.

Approved: OS, AH