Rugged Tablets and Handhelds for Field Service Solutions

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Field Service

Rugged Tablets and Handhelds for Field Service Solutions

Supporting field service technicians on-site, in the office and everywhere else.

Field service technicians find themselves called out to all kinds of different jobs in various environments, and the work they accomplish requires more than outdated pen and paper forms. Often involving maintenance, repair, and asset management, the work field service technicians perform has evolved with the introduction of rugged tablets, speeding up the typical workflow.

Imagine pulling up diagnostic information and manuals on a large 10.1-inch tablet with a sunlight-readable display and intelligent touch profiles. Juniper Systems’ Mesa® Pro is designed with these features, plus battery hot-swapping, and an ergonomic design that prevents user fatigue, ensuring both you and your tablet can last the whole workday. Mesa® Pro is also IP68 certified, the first 10-inch tablet to achieve that certification with active cooling. Or, for a more compact solution, our Mesa 3 is also IP68 certified, ergonomically designed, and runs Windows 10, so you can have a powerful operating system on a tablet with a 7-inch screen. Any tablet in the Mesa line will quickly become an essential part of your workday!


From mapping telecom lines for maintenance and repair to completing work order forms with ease, Juniper’s total solution means you can work effectively and accomplish the same tasks while you are out in the field as you would in the office. Uinta mapping and data collection paired with our highly accurate Geode GNSS receiver collects data, including location, notes and even photos tied to a geographic pin.



In the Utility sector, field service technicians are essential to keeping everything running smoothly, from constructing the infrastructure to supporting the customers who use it. Having the right tools with you, whether you are in a customer’s home, out in a field by yourself or collaborating on a solution in the office, makes you a more effective technician. Juniper’s rugged tablets and handhelds are ideal for managing every aspect of utility maintenance.



Even field technicians need support while they are on the job. To reduce downtime due to support issues, we make it a priority to help you troubleshoot and get working again quickly. Juniper System’s customer support is housed in the same building where our products are designed and assembled. When you reach out to our team via phone, email or chat, you will reach someone in Utah, USA! 


Total Solution Package

As a U.S. manufacturer of ultra-rugged tablets and GPS receivers, Juniper Systems created Uinta to put the finishing touch on this industry-leading mapping and data collection powerhouse solution.

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Juniper Systems is proud to offer a variety of customization, configuration, and integration options. By building our devices to order, users can configure the device that best fits their needs. With various levels of customization available, users can do anything from a simple custom branding to a fully modified rugged tablet. Our devices are also built for integration with various sensors, expansion areas, and other unique functions. To learn more, visit our OEM and customization page.

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Uinta Mapping and Data Collection Software

Uinta allows for efficient data capture and professional mapping all while being user-friendly. Customize project templates to match your job(s) and share professional looking PDF reports and data files with customers. Custom points allow for easy mapping of assets. Uinta also serves as a powerful software for underground mapping* of utility assets. *Mapping underground assets requires additional hardware not included in Juniper Systems’ utility mapping solution. Please contact us for more information.

Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet

Powered by Windows 10 Professional, the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet offers outstanding performance in the field and in the office. Simply connect the Mesa to a Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver and launch Uinta for a complete utility mapping experience.

Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver

The Geode is perfect for utility GPS mapping. High-accuracy, rugged design, one-button simplicity, and easy-to-use, all at an affordable price.

Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet

Combining rugged design and powerful processing, the Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet offers outstanding performance in the plant and in the office, powered by Windows 10 Professional.