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From thick forests to oil refineries, Juniper Systems’ rugged tablets are used across the globe in the most extreme environments imaginable for reliable data collection. Built rock solid and field ready, Juniper Systems is on a mission to provide the ultimate experience for in-the-field professionals.

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Mesa® Pro

Our most powerful Windows rugged tablet. Mesa Pro ships with 11th Gen Intel® Coreprocessors, fast RAM, and plenty of storage options. Mesa Pro’s 10-inch display is large and vibrant. Built for demanding environments and complex computing and data collection needs, the Mesa Pro is up to the challenge. Learn more here.

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To withstand long work days in harsh environments, the Mesa 3 and Mesa 4 offer an ergonomic handheld design with Windows OS, all in a 7-inch form factor. Built Juniper Rugged, these tablets help mobile workers bring the functionality of their office anywhere.

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Mesa 3 Android offers a powerful and versatile data collection tool to users in the field. The ergonomic design and 7-inch formfactor make the Mesa 3 the premier rugged tablet field computer. The Android 11 OS allows access to the Google Play Store and the thousands of modern applications that field users need. Learn more here.

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The Cedar CT8X2 offers users an upgrade in durability and performance when a consumer tablet just won’t cut it. Designed for all-day use in any environment, the CT8X2 offers durability, impressive processing power, and an Android OS all for an affordable price. Learn more here.

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The elements meet their match with tablets built Juniper Rugged™. From drops to concrete to muddy ports, our tablets are built to work has hard as our users.


We exist to solve the challenges our users face in their day-to-day data collection routines. From reduced downtime to device dependability, our users rely on Juniper Rugged™ Handhelds to keep them running.

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Juniper Systems is proud to offer a variety of customization, configuration, and integration options. By building our devices to order, users can configure the device that best fits their needs. With various levels of customization available, users can do anything from a simple custom branding to a fully modified rugged tablet. Our devices are also built for integration with various sensors, expansion areas, and other unique functions. To learn more, visit our OEM and customization page.

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Built for you. Built like you.

  • Extreme Environments
  • From freezing cold to intense heat, Juniper Systems’ rugged tablets and handhelds are tested to work in even the harshest of environments. For example, the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet touts an operating temperature range of -4 F to 122 F (-20 C to 50 C).

  • Designed and assembled
  • Juniper Systems designs and assembles key products within the United States and tests each device for durability and reliability as they’re manufactured.

  • Bright Sunlight-readable Touchscreen Display
  • Each tablet includes an optically-bonded touchscreen to increase visibility and strength while the high-visibility backlit LCD provides best-in-class sunlight viewability. The Mesa line of tablets also include chemically-strengthened DragontailHigh Ion-Exchange (HIE™) cover glass for superior impact and scratch resistance. Display sizes range from 7 to 10 inches, depending on the application.

  • Built Juniper Rugged™
  • Each Mesa Rugged Tablet is built Juniper Rugged™, making it designed to withstand the harshest environments while maintaining a consistently reliable performance level.

  • Processing Power
  • Our latest tablet, the Mesa Pro, provides superior processing power with 11th Generation Intel® Coreprocessing options. These processors allow users to run complex software and multiple apps all day long.

  • All-day Battery Life
  • Each device is equipped with an all-day battery life, ensuring it’s working when you are.

  • Device Customization
  • As an OEM, Juniper Systems offers a wide range of device customization options. These options include branding changes, hardware integrations and custom hardware solutions.

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At Juniper Systems, we seek to establish strong relationships with companies that offer total data collection solutions to markets in agriculture, natural resources, industrial, geospatial, public works, military, oil and gas, utilities, public safety, construction, and more. We offer high-quality, rugged handheld computers and sub-meter GPS receivers with long-term reliability, excellent customer service, and unique product customization. If you’re looking for a reliable, rugged handheld device or GPS receiver for your solution, as well as a long-term business partner, contact us today.