Privacy Policy and Legal

May 2020

Privacy Policy

Juniper Systems, Inc., respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your Personal Contact Data. This page describes the policies and practices for collecting, processing, and retaining such data by Juniper Systems, Inc. (referred to as “Juniper Systems,” “we,” “our,” or “us”). Please note that this policy and information in no way supersedes, replaces, or otherwise relates to the privacy policies of our customers, business partners, or other third parties. We have created this policy to help explain the care with which Juniper Systems treat Personal Contact Data.

By continuing to visit and use our website and/or use our products and services, you agree to this policy and the way we make use of Personal Contact Data as set forth herein or amended hereafter.

When receiving Personal Contact Data, and for the entire time we retain such data, we record information regarding the collection source and the explicit consent of the data subjects.

How to Opt-Out or Remove Your Personal Contact Data

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