High-Accuracy GPS for utility mapping

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Going digital brings endless possibilities to the mining industry. The right hardware can make the transition to digital even more seamless. Juniper Systems’ comprehensive mining solution includes rugged tablets, GNSS receivers, and user-friendly mapping software, all tailored to your specific workflow.

The Bluetooth range on our hardware exceeds the industry standard, offering an extended range that gives you even more freedom to roam!

Equipped with a rugged tablet connected to a GNSS receiver and running our mapping software, you can effortlessly input metrics and geological information, communicate seamlessly with stakeholders, and create detailed maps from any location on your site.

Juniper Systems simplifies the process of acquiring all the necessary hardware and software for your mining operations. Choose between the Mesa Pro with its expansive 10.1-inch display or the more compact Mesa 3, which offers the same durability and processing power. Some mines may require both models! Our Geode GNSS receiver features scalable accuracy, allowing you to access sub-meter, sub-foot, decimeter, or centimeter-level mapping. We're here to assist you in building a customized order to ensure that everyone at your mining site has the precise equipment they need to efficiently complete their tasks.


Geological surveys such as rock formation, mineral deposits, and soil composition require the collection and analysis of data. A Mesa® rugged tablet allows the input of this information in a digital space. File reports and input geological information such as slope stability and ground control at the site of the mining location. Then, map the locations of the mining site with the Uinta mapping software with customizable templates. Finally, access your information and maps once you return to the office to complete your work.



Many facets of drilling can benefit from rugged data collection. Drilling contractors can accurately determine the grade and depth of ore bodies to optimize drilling and blasting processes, facilitate mining operations, record structure and grade material from core drilling, assess stability and integrity of the ground and rock formations, and monitor and schedule equipment maintenance. All this data and analysis can be stored and shared through our Mesa rugged tablets, Uinta mapping software, and GNSS receiver. Users can upload up-to-date reporting, share data with other stakeholders, and provide real-time communication on any project.



A Mesa rugged device provides safe and real-time communication for blasting processes. Efficiently monitor and carry out blasting operations. Store and transport explosives safely. Plan hole depths, patterns, and spacing to achieve desired fragmentation. Calculate and measure the required number of explosives for proper charge distribution. All data can be stored and shared for easy correspondence and safe monitoring in a rugged tablet you can take on the go.



All safety information and data can be collected and shared in real time with a Mesa rugged tablet. Monitor wells, instrumentation systems, and gas emissions. Assess environmental impact, safety conditions, and potential risks. Provide and store training and safety videos, safety protocols, and emergency response guidelines. Receive real-time alerts for potential safety risks within arm’s reach with a rugged computer.


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As a U.S. manufacturer of ultra-rugged tablets and GPS receivers, Juniper Systems created Uinta to put the finishing touch on this industry-leading mapping and data collection powerhouse solution.

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Juniper Systems is proud to offer a variety of customization, configuration, and integration options. By building our devices to order, users can configure the device that best fits their needs. With various levels of customization available, users can do anything from a simple custom branding to a fully modified rugged tablet. Our devices are also built for integration with various sensors, expansion areas, and other unique functions. To learn more, visit our OEM and customization page.

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Uinta Mapping and Data Collection Software

Uinta allows for efficient data capture and professional mapping all while being user-friendly. Customize project templates to match your job(s) and share professional looking PDF reports and data files with customers. Custom points allow for easy mapping of assets. Uinta also serves as a powerful software for underground mapping* of utility assets. *Mapping underground assets requires additional hardware not included in Juniper Systems’ utility mapping solution. Please contact us for more information.

Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet

Powered by Windows 10 Professional, the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet offers outstanding performance in the field and in the office. Simply connect the Mesa to a Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver and launch Uinta for a complete utility mapping experience.

Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver

The Geode is perfect for utility GPS mapping. High-accuracy, rugged design, one-button simplicity, and easy-to-use, all at an affordable price.

Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet

Combining rugged design and powerful processing, the Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet offers outstanding performance in the plant and in the office, powered by Windows 10 Professional.