As an industry-leading provider of ultra-rugged data collectors, precision GPS receivers, and niche-market software solutions, we take pride in quality products and customer service we are able to provide to our customers.

We credit this level of excellence to our implemented list of values we refer to as our company maxims. This list of maxims guides all choices made within the company and provides our employees, customers, and partners with a deeper understanding of who we are as a company. Get to know Juniper Systems’ values by viewing our list of maxims below.

How it all started

Juniper Systems was founded in 1993 by Ron Campbell as a subsidiary of Campbell Scientific. With the original name of HarvestMaster, the company focused primarily on data collection and measurement solutions for the seed research industry. In 2001, HarvestMaster was rebranded to Juniper Systems to better reflect the diverse markets it continues to serve. From the beginning, Juniper Systems has held an unwavering focus on creating quality ultra-rugged data collectors and providing personalized customer service to each of our customers, and industry professionals have noticed.

From 2004-2005 Juniper Systems received the Utah 100 award, recognizing the fastest-growing companies in Utah, for two consecutive years. Juniper Systems was also recognized as one of the best companies to work for by Utah Business Magazine in 2016. In addition to being recognized on a local level, Juniper Systems’ data collectors and other products are being used and raved about around the world in over 50 countries. Even during times of economic downturn, Juniper Systems has managed to produce continuous growth and prosperity. We believe this is in large part due to the culture of constant innovation and improvement on which we pride ourselves.

Why We Do What We Do

Growing up on the family farm in Burley, Idaho, Juniper Systems’ founder, Ron Campbell, learned that taking pride in one’s work was cardinally important. When he founded Juniper Systems in 1993, he laid the foundation for what would ultimately become a way of life at Juniper Systems: a solid dedication to making the best. Being the best. The technology industry is known for its tendency toward built-in obsolescence, with devices sputtering out after a mere couple of years. At Juniper Systems, we believe in making products that last—not only through the test of time (our customers frequently use our products in excess of 10 years), but also through the water, dust, extreme temperatures, and other unforgiving conditions that Juniper Systems’ customers work in daily.

How We Do It

Every employee at Juniper Systems feels the need for excellence. From the earliest stages of product development and design, our engineers pour over every detail, carefully weighing the pros and cons of each decision to construct a device perfectly tailored for customers’ needs. Throughout the manufacturing process, we maintain the utmost quality by building our products in-house, at our ISO 9001:2015-certified facility in Logan, Utah. Once built, each and every product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that our highest standards are met before shipping out the door to our customers. Finally, we serve our customers the best way we know how: with live, personalized support, right here from our facility.

Juniper Hendhelds

When It All Comes Together

When our desire for unwavering quality and successful execution all come together, what you’re left with is a world-class, tough-as-nails Juniper Systems product, ready to reliably collect data in even the harshest conditions. Whether it’s a rugged handheld, tablet, or GNSS receiver, Juniper Systems’ products are designed to withstand water, dust, accidental drops, and a variety of other hazards to help customers efficiently collect and manage data in any environment. So if you’re ready for an ultra-rugged device that performs reliably day-in and day-out, check out Juniper Systems’ products here.

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