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Hassle-Free Data Collection.

Tired of complex and expensive GIS mapping software with limited abilities to customize for your job? We were too. Train new users in minutes with Uinta mapping and form data collection software. Available for Windows™ and Android™.

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Customizable Mapping Software

Customize Uinta on your own or call Juniper Systems' customer success team to get a boost in the right direction.

Juniper Systems supports a wide range of industries to create the ideal data collection solution for each unique workflow. Reach out to discuss your data collection needs today.

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Total Solution Package

As a U.S. manufacturer of ultra-rugged tablets and GPS receivers, Juniper Systems created Uinta to put the finishing touch on this industry-leading mapping and data collection powerhouse solution.

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Custom Project Templates

With Uinta, there are a number of custom project templates available for use. Custom project templates can be used as-is for a quick start to your job, or they can be easily modified further to match your specific needs. Existing project templates include the examples below.


Utility Mapping

High-accuracy utility asset mapping continues to be one of the most popular applications of the Uinta Data Collection Software. Map general utility asset points, such as transformers, manholes, valves, electric lines, fiber optic lines, and gas lines. The project template includes standard utility color codes for each point, line, and area. Once complete, users can print professional PDF map reports and share GIS files with customers.

Accurately map gas lines in yellow including all valves as separate points.
Template Download

Local Government Asset Management and Mapping

Managing public assets? Try this municipal sample template. This template includes forms for typical assets, such as maintenance, parks, and utilities. Forms can be used as a start and easily modified to reflect specific needs. Export data to file formats that easily import into any GIS system.

Create accurate maps for county water meters, including inspection information. Filter data to create a work order list, use GPS navigation to find asset(s), perform work, and update water meter asset information.
Template Download

Commercial irrigation Mapping and Water Audits

Map typical irrigation features, such as valves, control heads, main lines, laterals, and zones. Uinta works as a powerful tool to map as-builts and to perform surveys of broken irrigation assets or water audits. Print professional PDF map reports, including equipment lists and photos, to share with customers.

Create a map of as-built irrigation assets with zone coverages. Filter data for a list of broken equipment to use in a project bid.
Template Download

Utility Pole Mapping and Inspection

Inspecting and mapping utility poles? Consider using one of several custom templates designed to quickly map and add pole data, including attached asset heights, midspans, photos, and pole status. Forms can be quickly modified to match specific job(s).

A utility contractor maps and surveys utility poles according to the requirements of their customer—a large fiber optic company. All data is exported in Microsoft Excel and Google Earth (KML) file formats and sent to the customer.
Template Download

Natural Resources

Juniper Systems’ roots run deep in natural resources. In fact, it’s how Juniper got its start. Uinta Data Collection Software is designed to support a broad range of use cases within natural resources. Sample templates are available for range management, environmental consulting, wetland delineations, archaeological surveys, wildlife surveys, and geological sampling.

Import a data layer of previously sampled sites for endangered frogs. GPS navigate to previous sites, capture new site data in simple custom forms, and export data to Microsoft Excel for research analysis.
Template Download

Industrial asset inspections

Are you responsible for managing industrial assets? Uinta Data Collection Software can be configured for inspection rounds, tracking assets, and to prove asset status for regulatory requirements. Sample templates can be used as a starting point to customize for your specific job with or without map requirements.

Use a Hazardous Location certified Mesa Rugged Tablet with Uinta to inspect natural gas refinery assets. Data is exported to Microsoft Excel to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.
Template Download

Harbor Mooring Layout Plan and Navigation

Are you a harbor master, marina contractor, or engineer responsible for mooring placements and other harbor assets? Uinta Data Collection Software, combined with Juniper Systems' high-accuracy Geode Real-time Sub-meter GPS Receiver, is a solid solution for navigating to planned mooring locations and accurately placing buoys. No more phone calls in the middle of the night because boats are banging into each other.

A municipal harbor has an engineer-designed plan for a harbor layout and mooring plan. The plan is imported directly into Uinta as a point layer. Users select and navigate to specified mooring locations, place moorings according to plan, and then use Uinta to guide boats to the mooring(s) in the future.
Template Download

Equine Management and Recordkeeping

Are you a veterinarian or vet tech buried in paper exam records, having trouble with managing scheduled tasks during busy reproduction season, or need quick access to historical information related to a patient horse? Uinta software is a powerful tool that can be customized to do the job your way. Custom Uinta equine templates exist for large clinics/institutions, small equine vet practices, and even ambulatory vets looking to digitize their records.

A large equine teaching hospital replaces paper exam forms at the barn, filters scheduled tasks by date, quickly accesses historical information on horses, schedules future tasks right during an exam, and exports data to Microsoft Excel files—including billed services information by horse or horse owner customers.
Template Download

A small vet practitioner replaces paper forms with custom exam forms that match their needs. Uinta becomes their digital notebook with offline/online access to historical exam information. It allows for creating simple lists of billed services and organizing them by horse or horse owner.
Template Download

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At Juniper Systems, we seek to establish strong relationships with companies that offer total data collection solutions to markets in agriculture, natural resources, industrial, geospatial, public works, military, oil and gas, utilities, public safety, construction, and more. We offer high-quality, rugged handheld computers with long-term reliability, excellent customer service, and unique product customization. If you’re looking for a reliable rugged handheld device for your solution, as well as a long-term business partner, contact us today.



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1-year or 3-year license options are available for Uinta Data Collection Software. 

A 1-year Uinta Pro license costs $500/year and supports use on two Windows 10 devices (e.g., Office PC/laptop + Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet). Additional users can be added for $250/year. 

A 3-year Uinta Pro license costs $1275/3year and supports use on two Windows 10 devices (e.g., Office PC/laptop + Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet). Additional users can be added for $650/3year. 

An Organization License can be purchased for teams of 5+ users with options for 1 year, 3 years, and special projects. Contact Juniper Systems for price details at? 

Contact sales for prices related to veterinary applications of Uinta software. 

Yes, Uinta works offline when users don’t have access to internet. Users can also download satellite imagery tiles and save them for use while working offline.

Google Earth KML, Microsoft Excel, Esri Shape (SHP), and professional PDF map reports

Yes, Google Earth (KML/KMZ), Esri Shape (SHP), and CSV (beta functionality) are all file types that can be imported as editable data layers to maps.

Yes, users can pair an external Bluetooth® GPS receiver. For example, Juniper Systems’ Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver can be paired to a Mesa Rugged Tablet running Windows 10 to create high-accuracy sub-meter maps.

No. Users that aren’t mapping anything can use Uinta as a data collection tool, including custom forms to match specific jobs. If no GPS fields are in the form, then maps will not be visible to users. For example, Uinta can be used as an efficient data capture tool for asset inspections inside a building. 

Training and support material can be found here. Additional Unita webinars and demonstration videos can be found here

No. Uinta can be used on a variety of devices but works great with Juniper’s line of rugged tablets and GPS/GNSS receivers. Learn more about available total solutions by contacting us here

Uinta is used for a variety of applications in industries including utility mapping, local government asset management and mapping, commercial irrigation mapping and water audits, utility pole mapping and inspection, natural resources, industrial asset inspections, equine management and recordkeeping, harbor mooring layout plan and navigation, and several others requiring a need for mapping and data collection software.  

Uinta runs on any Windows 10 device or any Android 9 or higher. Minimum specifications are listed below.  

Windows Devices: 

  • Windows 10 (64 bit OS version) 

  • 64-bit processor 

  • 7” screen 

  • 4GB RAM minimum 

  • 64GB+ storage (preferably SSD) 

  • Intel Core Processor (i3, i5, i7) or comparable 

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity capable 

Uinta works great with Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet running Windows 10 as a premium data collection tool. Uinta is also designed to work as a GPS mapping and data collection software for any Windows 10 or Android 9 device or higher such as a Panasonic®?Toughpad®, Microsoft Surface Pro®, Microsoft Surface Go®, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Motorola Moto G, and other laptops and PCs. Please contact us if you have additional questions about hardware compatibility.