Uinta Software and Template Downloads

3 Mar 2022

This article lists the downloads available for Uinta.

For more information about Uinta, see the Uinta documentation.


Operating System


Windows Uinta.Install-1.5.6.msi

Get Uinta 1.6.0 from Google Play
- Install directly using APK file

See the instructions to install and license Uinta. If you need to obtain a license for demo or to purchase, contact sales@junipersys.com.

Note: If you want to test the latest features you can download and install the beta version if it is available. Contact support@junipersys.com with details of any issue you encounter.


Download Project Templates

All of our templates are fully customizable for your data collection needs. For instructions on importing a project template, see Import a Project.

For additional project templates, contact Juniper Systems.

Industry Download Description
Utilities and Public Service
  • A Utilities template that covers communication, electric, gas, sewer and water
  • <coming soon>
Natural Resources
  • An Irrigation template that includes repair tracking
  • An Irrigation template that includes repair tracking related to zones
  • An Irrigation template that includes repair tracking related to controllers
  • An Archeology template used to map human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains
  • <coming soon>

See the Uinta - Getting Started web page for further instructions if needed. Use of the Uinta software is under the terms of this End User License Agreement (EULA).