Getting Started with Uinta (Training Topics)

12 Jul 2021

This page offers training topics to help you get started with Uinta, including how to set up the hardware, install the software, and use the software features for your project needs.

For more technical support information, see the Uinta Knowledge Base.

Hardware Set Up

Set Up Mesa Hardware

Mesa 3 Windows - Getting Started
Mesa 3 Android - Getting Started
Recommended Mesa 3 Windows Preferences for Efficient Data Entry in Uinta
Recommended Mesa 3 Android Preferences for Efficient Data Entry in Uinta


Set Up Geode Hardware

Getting Started with Geode
Geode GNS3 User's Manual
Geode GNS1 and GNS2 Owner's Manual

Uinta Set Up

Download Uinta

Uinta Software and Template Downloads

Install and Licensing 

Install and License Uinta

Uinta Overview

This video provides an overview of using Uinta. For more detailed information, see the topics below.


Overview of Uinta Projects

Create a Local Project
Import a Project File
How to Create a Cloud Enabled Project
How to Use a Cloud Enabled Project
Export a Project
Delete a Project

Project Templates 

Working with Uinta Project Templates

Create Sub-Projects (Coming Soon)


Mapping Overview 

Add a Point to the Map
Add a Line to the Map
Add an Area to the Map
Navigate to a Point on the Map

Map Layer Formatting (Coming Soon)

Offline Maps

Use Offline Maps

Data Options

Import Options 

Import CSV Files
Import Google Earth (KML/KMZ) Files
Import Shapefiles

Export Options

Customize Your Report
Export a PDF File
Export an Excel File
Export a Google Earth KML File
Export a Shapefile

Search and Filter Options

Quick Search
Filter Layers
Sort List View

Form Customization

Customize Forms in Uinta

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