Industrial Tablets & Handhelds for Manufacturing

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Industrial Tablets and Handhelds for Manufacturing

Solutions Built for Every Step: Inbound Processing, Inventory Management, Warehousing and Distribution

From concept and raw materials to final product and distribution, the manufacturing process is a colossal endeavor. With Juniper’s hardware solutions, this task becomes significantly more manageable for everyone involved. The Mesa rugged tablet family offers versatile solutions tailored to every need. Mesa® Pro stands out as the world’s first IP68 certified rugged tablet featuring active cooling - a crucial asset in hot and humid manufacturing environments.

Conversely, it operates flawlessly in temperatures as low as 4°F, making it perfect for cold storage applications. For those seeking a more compact option, the Mesa 7-inch provides equal ruggedness and power in a smaller form. All Mesa® products offer customization opportunities, allowing for branding and functional adaptations like RFID readers or barcode scanners, streamlining your hardware needs into one efficient device.

Industries such as food & beverage, automotive, aerospace, and pharmaceutical manufacturing can greatly benefit from Juniper's diverse product range. These tools are instrumental in managing inventory, enhancing workflow, and supporting essential software. With Juniper’s rugged tablets and handhelds, the computing power you rely on in the office is now available throughout the plant, bolstering efficiency and productivity in any manufacturing environment.


Enjoy impressive processing power from anywhere in your facility. With powered forklift docks available for our 10-inch Mesa® Pro rugged tablet, you can take advantage of all the features of our most advanced tablet without ever having to exit your vehicle. Maintain a continuously reliable and responsive connection while accomplishing whatever is needed out on the floor. Then, seamlessly switch to a mobile solution using the convenient hand strap for ergonomic carrying that doesn’t fatigue your hands. Our line of products, including Mesa Pro as the world’s first IP68 certified 10-inch tablet, are rugged and ready to handle any environment you may work in.


Barcode and RFID Enabled

With optional RFID and barcode scanner attachments, Juniper’s rugged tablets make the work go quicker. Maximize productivity while using the pistol grip attachment, reducing strain while increasing speed and capability of both the tablet and the user. You don’t have to worry about your scanner dying with Juniper products all day battery life and hot-swapping capabilities.

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Knowing what’s in your warehouse is one of the most important pieces of information to any manufacturing facility. Use Juniper’s full line of products to ensure accuracy in both quality control and shipping practices. Easily scan and monitor all warehousing activities using RFID and barcode scanners on your tablets. Impressive processing power will keep everything up to date and running smoothly. Never worry again if your counts are correct by using Juniper’s solutions, built to handle any use-level or environment you are in.



Avoid costly and unnecessary bottlenecks in your operation by using Juniper mobile products. Easily process inbound shipments to ensure everything is in order, then easily and quickly direct materials around your facility all on your Juniper solutions. Once product is ready to go out the door, efficiently process orders and shipments to ensure both you and your partners stay on time.

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Juniper Systems is proud to offer a variety of customization, configuration, and integration options. By building our devices to order, users can configure the device that best fits their needs. With various levels of customization available, users can do anything from a simple custom branding to a fully modified rugged tablet. Our devices are also built for integration with various sensors, expansion areas, and other unique functions. To learn more, visit our OEM and customization page.

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Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet

Combining rugged design and powerful processing, the Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet offers outstanding performance in the plant and in the office, powered by Windows 10 Professional.

Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet

Powered by Windows 10 Professional, the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet offers outstanding performance in the field and in the office. Simply connect the Mesa to a Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver and launch Uinta for a complete utility mapping experience.