Minor charging protection modification on Mesa 3 Windows

27 Jan 2021

This article describes a power issue unique to a small percentage of Mesa 3 Windows units. We believe such units have experienced an initial power spike when charging through the power port or some other unregulated power condition beyond the limits that are detailed at the following web page.

Power Input Requirements and Limits

Most power issues on the Mesa 3 can be diagnosed using the following troubleshooting guide:  

Power troubleshooting on Mesa 3

If your Mesa 3 was built before 27 Jan 2021 and continues to have trouble charging via the power port after completing all of the steps outlined in the troubleshooting guide, the mainboard may need to be modified or replaced due to a component failure (commonly referred to generally as U66) following the event. This most often does not affect charging through a dock.

To request a repair for your Mesa 3, please follow the instructions and fill out the form starting at this web page:


UPDATE 30 Dec 2021 - Even further circuit protection added to later units as described at Mesa 3 Windows mainboard revision 06 and Mesa 3 Windows mainboard revision 07.