Mesa 3 Windows mainboard revision 07

30 Dec 2021

In December 2021, one hundred units (between serial numbers 312606–315737) were shipped with the 07 revision mainboards. Due to vendor supply limitations and other reasons, units with serial numbers between 317342 and 317890 were shipped with either 06 or 07 revision mainboards. Units after serial number 317890 have the 07 revision mainboard except for a small amount of Hazloc units.

Note: To avoid cell modem issues, if you have a unit with an 07 revision mainboard between serial numbers 312606 and 315737, go to Mesa 3 Windows Firmware Updates to update the firmware for your unit.

To determine if your unit has an 06 or 07 revision mainboard, go to Device Info on your device or visit Check Product Status and enter the unit serial number. This will list the product information for the specific serial number, including the board revision. 

The 07 revision to the Mesa 3 Windows mainboard includes: