Firmware updates for Mesa 3 Windows

8 May 2023

Firmware updates for the BIOS (UEFI) and EC (Embedded Controller) are available for Mesa 3 Windows model units. For detailed information about the changes, review the release notes. Some details for this update are also provided at the web page.

CAUTION: The firmware update below is for Mesa 3 Windows model units and some OEM brand models that do not have pre-installed firmware customizations. If a different brand appears during boot on the unit, please contact that brand partner to obtain the custom firmware update. If you are unsure where to obtain the custom firmware for your brand and model device, contact for assistance. Follow the installation instructions exactly as written. Failure to follow these steps could result in the device needing to be shipped to a certified repair center for servicing.

Note: If you have not updated your unit for a long time, install the previous OS patch 22039 before you install this latest firmware. Additionally, if you are using BitLocker, you may need a recovery key after the firmware installation is complete. For more information, see Finding your BitLocker recovery key in Windows.

To install the firmware,

  1. Attach a stable external power source to the tablet, such as the 30W wall charger provided with the unit.
  2. Download and copy the file below to the Mesa 3 Windows tablet.


  1. Remove any external storage device (USB media) attached to the Mesa 3 or dock.
  2. Save and close any open files and close all running programs. As a precaution, backup any critical data from the Mesa 3 before proceeding.
  3. Run the M3Updater_UEFI_148_EC_129.exe file on the Mesa 3. If a black command prompt window appears, press the Enter or an on-screen keyboard button to continue.
  4. Wait while the app starts the update process, which may involve multiple restarts (or reboots). After each restart, the update app automatically launches.
    Note: If you have set up a pin or password, you may need to enter it after each restart and wait 10-15 seconds to continue. The firmware update can take up to 20 minutes.
  5. When the app stops performing updates, follow the on-screen prompts.
  6. Verify that the firmware has been updated by tapping Windows (Start) button > Device Info. The BIOS Version (UEFI) should be 1.48 and the Embedded Controller (EC) version is now 1.29.
  7. After installing this firmware update, install the latest OS patch from the following web page.

Mesa 3 Windows cumulative OS patch update 22292 or later

Note: If you have EC version 1.21 installed currently, a known minor issue may cause a slight chance that the unit will get stuck during update. If this occurs, remove the battery to drain the system before attempting to update again. If you have the optional internal battery, leave the unit running overnight to drain the internal battery before attempting to update again.

If you have loaded the wrong brand firmware or need to reload the latest firmware again for some other reason, attach the wall charger and launch Command Prompt in Admin Mode. Run the command M3Updater_UEFI_148_EC_129.exe /uefi.

For additional troubleshooting, see Mesa 3 Windows firmware fails to update.