2 - Custom firmware updates for Mesa 3 Windows

31 Mar 2020

Custom BIOS firmware (UEFI and EC) updates are available for Mesa 3 Windows model units. For details regarding changes in each version, see the release notes document.

WARNING: If you are using a different brand unit, please contact that brand provider for the firmware update installer. The installer below is for the Mesa 3 brand only. Also, you must follow the instructions below exactly as written. Failure to follow these steps could result in the unit needing to be shipped to a certified repair center for servicing.


Installation instructions:

  1. Attach a stable external power source (such as the 30W wall charger that was provided with the unit).
  2. Download and copy the above M3Updater_UEFI_127_EC_112.exe file to the Mesa 3 Windows unit.
  3. Remove any external storage device (USB media) that you may have attached to the Mesa 3 or dock.
  4. Save and close any open files and running programs. Backup any critical data from the Mesa 3 before proceeding as a precaution.
  5. Run the M3Updater_UEFI_127_EC_112.exe file on the Mesa 3. When a black terminal (command prompt) window appears, you may need to press the Return keypad button or an on-screen keyboard button to continue.
  6. Wait while the app starts the update process which might involve multiple reboots. After each reboot the update app will be automatically launched.
    Note: If you have a pin or password set up, you may need to enter it after each reboot and wait 10-15 seconds to continue.
  7. It should take up to 20 minutes to update the firmware from an earlier version. When the app stops performing updates, follow the on-screen prompts.
  8. Verify that the firmware has been updated successfully by tapping on the Windows (Start) button > Device Info to check that the BIOS Version (UEFI) is now 1.27 as well as the Embedded Controller (EC) version is now 1.12 in that window.