Mesa 3 Windows cumulative OS patch update 22131

3 Jun 2022

Along with running Windows Update for the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit operating system, downloading and running the following file on Mesa 3 Windows (MS3W) units will install our latest version 22131 improvements and customizations. This can be installed on all OEM partner brands of the MS3W platform as well. See the Release Notes document for further details of this update. On new units from production, an Intel graphics driver update is installed along with the updates from this patch.


Note: If you are an IT admin, and you understand the warnings and messages contained in the patch, you may optionally run the patch from an admin command prompt with the “-passive” flag to run without needing to press any buttons (some exceptions apply if updating directly from a much earlier version).

During installation of this patch, you may be asked to uninstall previous cell modem utility and drivers before proceeding. Also, you may be notified that there is a touchscreen profile update, and the Touchscreen Profiles utility will open to ask you to update the touch profile. Once the touch update is done and you manually close the Touchscreen Profiles utility, you will then be told that a Reboot is needed, though you may need to wait for cell modem firmware to finish loading first. For full details of the update process, see this example update script.

After installation, to verify it has been installed, tap on Start then locate and run the Device Info utility.

Some further system updates may also be available to install at our factory repair center.