Intel HD Graphics driver update for Pentium N4200 processor

11 Dec 2020

Version of the Intel HD Graphics 505 drivers is now being installed on new Mesa 3 Windows units (serial number 287756 and newer) from production. This can similarly be installed on previous units by downloading from the following Intel web page for the Pentium N4200 processor.

5 May 2020 WARNING: Version and other versions between and will unexpectedly flip the display upside down but leave the touchscreen normal, as well as can cause the mouse cursor to be inverted on a connected external HDMI monitor. If this happens, a USB mouse can be used to Update (recommended) or Roll Back the driver version. For further details, see the following web page.

Display upside down on Mesa 3 Windows



10 Jun 2020 - Version of the Intel HD Graphics drivers is being installed on new Mesa 3 Windows units from production.