Display upside down on Mesa 3 Windows

26 Feb 2021

Oct. 2021 Update:

Intel has released version for this graphics driver. The instructions included in this article apply to driver version, the first version of the driver that fixed the flipped display problem.

The latest graphics driver released by Intel (igfx_win_100.9864.exe) is larger and will take longer to install. While the steps to install this driver are similar to the instructions listed in this article, the screens will look different from what is shown in the screenshots and video below.

If you have driver version installed when you are installing the latest driver, you will be asked to uninstall version This will cause the display to flip upside down. Installing version will fix the problem.

Feb 26, 2021:

On Mesa 3 Windows units with a serial number previous to 287756, a Windows Update may install a graphics driver (Intel Corporation - Display - that can cause the display to flip upside down while leaving the touchscreen normal.

This driver (as well as versions and can also cause the mouse cursor to be inverted on a connected external HDMI monitor.

To prevent or resolve these issues, you will need to update to the most recent display driver (recommended), or roll back to the previous driver (as a temporary fix in the field). If you have already encountered the issue, you will likely need to lay the unit flat on a table (or other surface) and attach a USB mouse to follow the process in the video and instructions below.


Update Driver

  1. Disable the rotation lock for the display.

  2. Go to the Intel Download Center.

  3. Click on the most recent (non-beta) driver (at the top of the list).

  4. Download and run the igfx_win10_100.8935.exe or newer installer.

    • The igfx_win10_100.8935.exe file is 426 MB so can take a minute to start. If it does not start after a minute, you can perform a restart of the system, use Task Manager to End Task on previous instances, or try and run it again.

  5. When the install starts, step through the install wizard as shown below.

  1. If you encounter an error message while it is installing, perform a full shut down.

    1. Wait until the red light goes out.

    2. Hold the power button for 17–20 seconds (until the red light stops flashing rapidly).

    3. Release the button.

    4. Attach an external power supply.

    5. Briefly press the power button again.

    6. Let the unit complete the boot.

    7. Run the installer again.

Note: During the install, the window may disappear for several seconds before appearing again.

  1. When the install is complete, the screen will go black and you will hear a sound. The screen will be back to the normal orientation.

  2. Perform a restart. 

To verify the install was successful,

  1. Open Device Manager > Display adapters > Intel HD Graphics 505 > Driver tab.

  2. Check the Driver Version is now or higher.

If you continue to encounter touchscreen issues after fixing the upside down display (such as if you tried to calibrate the screen), see our article Fix touchscreen on Mesa 3 Windows.


Rollback Driver

If you are unable to update the driver (such as while in the field), there are two ways to select a previous driver version.

  1. Right-click on the Start button (Windows logo).

  2. Select Device Manager > Display adapters > Intel(R) HD Graphics 505.

  3. Right-click to get into Properties, as shown below.

  4. Go to the Driver tab to select "Roll Back Driver" and follow the instructions.

  1. Right-click on the Start button (Windows logo).

  2. Select Device Manager > Display adapters > Intel(R) HD Graphics 505.

  3. Right-click and select Update Driver > "Browse my computer for driver software" > "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer"

  4. Select a previous good version such as

  5. Tap Next.