Fix touchscreen on Mesa 3 Windows

12 Nov 2020

Make sure the screen is clean from all debris or other substances.

Turning the Mesa 3 off and then back on will force the touchscreen to re-calibrate which may resolve the issue.

Sometimes just letting the screen auto-rotate from portrait to landscape then back again will resolve the issue.

If using a second external monitor such as through a dock, correcting the display resolution and/or setting the internal display to be Main again may help.

When moving the unit between environmental conditions, you may need to force the capacitive touchscreen to re-calibrate for use in the new conditions. Methods to do this are explained above.

You may be able to attach a USB mouse to use for opening our Touchscreen Profiles utility to select another profile to load and then switch back.

You could try performing a Hard Reset by first doing a full Shut Down, wait for the red light to go out, hold the hardware Power button for a full 20 seconds, then attach wall charger, and then briefly press the Power button again to let the unit boot up.

Using a connected USB mouse, you can right-click on the bottom-left Start menu to select Device Manager > Human Interface Devices, right-click on "HID-compliant touch screen", select Disable, wait several second, and then repeat to Enable. You could possible also try Uninstall, but it may be difficult to re-install.

The calibration tool in Microsoft Windows 10 will not work with the touchscreen on the Mesa 3. If this calibration tool is used, it may degrade touchscreen performance until a profile is loaded again as explained above. If loading or switching a touch profile does not fully resolve the issue, then you may need to re-open the Tablet PC Settings control panel applet to select the Reset button as shown below.

If the touchscreen stopped working after a Windows Update, under Start > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery there is an option to “Go back to the previous version of Windows 10” or “Go back to an earlier build” which may help. But that option is only available for a limited time after updating. If it works, you can do the Windows Update again, which should have more success in subsequent attempts.