Power Input Requirements and Limits

25 Oct 2021

This article explains the power requirements of the Mesa 3 and provides guidance for managing unconventional power needs.

Caution: Damage caused to a Mesa 3 as the result of using an unauthorized third-party or custom-built power supply is not covered in the product warranty.

Mesa 3 Specifications

The Mesa 3 requires a 30 W power supply with a 12 V output. Here are some details about this spec that may inform your power supply decisions:

Charging the Mesa 3 Using Portable Power Sources

The Mesa 3 is designed to work in rugged, all-day, off-the-beaten-path environments. This means our customers sometimes need to charge the Mesa 3 in unconventional ways. Here are some guidelines for choosing safe power sources for your Mesa 3:

Mesa 3 Batteries

The Mesa 3 has two battery configurations:

  1. A 10-hour removable battery

  2. A 10-hour removable battery and a 4–5 hour internal battery that makes it possible to hot-swap the removable battery

Many customers choose to purchase spare batteries to guarantee an uninterrupted power supply during long workdays. If your Mesa 3 has an internal battery, the removable battery can be changed without powering down the tablet.


The most common means for charging the Mesa 3 out in the field is plugging it into an automobile auxiliary power outlet (cigarette lighter port). In most modern cars and trucks this is a safe option. However, here are some details that can help you charge your Mesa 3 safely:

Power Accessories for the Mesa 3

For the Mesa 3 Windows, starting in February 2021, a hardware modification on all units was provided with additional circuit protection. For more details, see this web page.

Minor charging protection modification on Mesa 3 Windows

For the Mesa 3 Android, starting in October 2021 for some units and starting June 2022 for all units, a new part number 30465/30464 I/O Flex Plus Assembly (bottom ports) with additional circuit protection. This can replace the standard part number 28218 IO/Flex assembly. For more details, see this web page.

Minor charging protection modification for Mesa 3 Android


Original article for older models written 21 May 2007 and updated over time to now be specific to Mesa 3.