Firmware & Operating System Updates for Mesa 3 Windows

25 Mar 2024

To get the best performance from your Mesa® 3 Windows tablet, keep it up to date with the latest firmware (EC and BIOS) and operating system (OS) patch. To review the changes in this release, refer to the Mesa 3 release notes and Mesa 3 battery information.

Update the firmware and OS in the order detailed below.

Step 1: Update the Firmware

Updating the firmware can take up to 20 minutes, and the tablet may restart several times during the process. After each restart, the firmware updater launches automatically. 

CAUTION: This firmware update is for Mesa 3 Windows model units and some OEM brand models without preinstalled firmware customizations. For assistance locating custom firmware for your brand and model, contact

Note: If you have enabled BitLocker, you may need a recovery key after the firmware installation is complete. (See Finding your BitLocker recovery key in Windows.)

To update the firmware, 

  1. Connect the Mesa 3 Windows tablet to external power.
  2. Close any open files or programs.
  3. Back up all critical data.
  4. Download the firmware file to the tablet.
Firmware (EC 1.29 and BIOS 1.48 or 1.48R ) Support Information


Version installed by default. 

For users who use PXE boot in their workflow, this version supports the Microchip LAN7500 chipset, which is used in the Mesa 3 Office Dock.


Alternate version for users who use PXE boot in their workflow and need support for common Realtek USB-to-ethernet adapters.


  1. Remove any external storage device(s) attached to the Mesa 3 tablet or office dock.
  2. Run the firmware updater (.exe file) and follow the on-screen prompts.
    If the tablet has a PIN or password, you may need to enter it each time the tablet restarts. 
  3. After the installation is completed, verify that the latest firmware is installed in the Device Info utility.


Tablet Locks Up during Firmware Update
If you are updating the tablet from EC version 1.21, a known minor issue may cause the tablet to get stuck during the update process. If this occurs, drain the tablet battery and try again. If the tablet has a removable battery, remove it to drain the system. If the tablet has an internal battery, leave the tablet running until the internal battery is drained.

If the error message Failed: Updating UEFI version appears, see Mesa 3 Windows firmware fails to update.

Wrong Brand Firmware is Installed
If you install the wrong brand firmware or need to reload the firmware again, attach the tablet to external power. Launch Command Prompt in Admin mode, and run the command:  
M3Updater_UEFI_148_EC_129.exe /uefi

Step 2: Install the OS Patch

To install the OS patch,

  1. Run Windows Update for Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit operating system.
  2. Download and run the OS patch. 
 OS Patch 24115

  1. Follow the on-screen prompts.
    As part of the patch installation, you may be prompted to uninstall the previous cell modem utility and drivers and update the touch screen profiles.
  2.  After you complete the installation, verify the OS has been updated in the Device Info utility.