Mesa 2 will not recognize or charge batteries

19 Jan 2018

UPDATE: An older unit may not charge a newer battery pack without first being updated. See the following web page for details.

Aug 2017

If a Mesa 2 will not recognize or charge the optional internal battery, you may need to perform a Hard Reset by holding the hardware Power button for more than 20 seconds (which electronically disconnects both batteries such as for storage), wait a few seconds, attach wall charger (which will electronically re-connect both batteries), and then briefly press the hardware Power button again (to begin boot sequence).

Mar 2017

If a Mesa 2 will not recognize or charge the main removable battery pack when inserted, verify if the unit will recognize a battery pack from another unit (if available). If not, check to verify that the "battery detect" magnet is still located on the inside of the battery compartment door as shown in the following image.

If this magnet is missing or a door from another unit works with this unit, you will need to obtain a new door. Please contact for assistance.

Otherwise, additional ideas may be provided in the following articles.

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