One or both batteries are stuck at 7 percent charge

7 Apr 2020

With both Mesa 3 and Mesa 2, new batteries (both removable and/or internal) will indicate only 7 percent charge until after initial manual calibration has been completed, which most often only requires one time of charging overnight. For further details, see below.

Original content from 1 June 2016:

When you first receive a Mesa 2, it is recommended to insert the removable battery pack, attach the wall charger, and leave it charging overnight. Battery capacity is best maintained by charging every night and weekend. If storing for more than 2 weeks, see page 32 of the owner's manual.

A new battery may indicate 7% charge and will stay that way until it has initially reached full capacity (which will likely take several hours), at which point the charge indicator should then be properly synchronized with the actual charge of the battery.

If the removable and/or the optional internal battery pack(s) will still not indicate more than 7% charge, then you may need to run through a full charge cycle. This involves fully discharging (until the Mesa 2 will actually no longer turn on without attaching the wall charger) then fully charging (such as overnight).

If a battery indicator will still not calibrate (still stuck at 7% charge), you may try swapping the removable battery to see if the issue follows the original battery or the Mesa 2 unit. Please contact for further assistance if needed.

Other possible causes and solutions are described at the following legacy web page.

Battery pack will not charge to full