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Old charger will not charge newer product model

28 Apr 2016

Our rugged handheld computer products have all shared similar wall chargers. As we have introduced new product models, the only real change with the wall charger has been how much electric current can potentially be output at maximum from the charger. Each generation of our products has provided bigger batteries that can charge faster, thus requiring a higher maximum output from the charger.

Using an older charger with a newer product model may not provide enough power to allow the battery pack(s) to charge (at least not at a fast enough speed to complete charging within a reasonable time frame). It is recommended to only use a newer charger with a new product model. The newer wall charger should be able to be used with older products as well.

The following is a list of the wall charger models that have been provided with our rugged handheld computer products, in order from newest to oldest.

Most often our latest chargers can output 12 volts at up to 1.67 amps (or 20 watts). Old chargers (which output 12V at only up to 0.8A or ~10W) may just not be able to put out enough juice to run and/or charge our latest product models.