Mesa 3 Android OS release 1.0.1-20210324

22 Apr 2021

OS (Operating System) release 1.0.1-20210324 for the Mesa 3 Android is now available. For details of changes, please review the release notes.

When connected to Wifi, a notification will appear stating that a system update is available. Connect wall charger then select to install the update. If the notification does not appear, connect to Wifi then in the operating system go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update > Check for update. The wall charger must be attached for the firmware to update, or else the unit may get stuck during Restart. After OS update is complete, you may also need to manually Restart once or twice for the firmware update to finish.

To verify that the updates are installed, go to Settings > About tablet to check that Build number 1.0.1-20210324 is present.