Mesa 3 Android 11 OS Build number 1.0.0-20230109

30 Jan 2023

Mesa 3 Android 11 OS (Operating System) release 1.0.0-20230109 is now available. For details of changes, please see Mesa 3 Battery Information and review the release notes. All future security updates are only being provided for Android 11. If you have an older unit running Android 9, we recommend requesting an upgrade to Android 11. An Android 9 unit must be running Build number 1.0.1-20220312 or later before it then can be upgraded to Android 11.

When connected to the internet, a notification will appear stating that a system update is available. If the notification does not appear, in the operating system go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update > Check for update.


  1. Plug the device into the charger and connect to the internet.
  2. From the notification, tap Update. The update files will download and be verified. The device will reboot.
  3. After the reboot is complete, check for further notifications by dragging your finger from the top of the screen. If the EC Firmware update notification is available, tap Update.
  4. Wait for the red LED to blink indicating that the update is complete.

To verify that the update has been installed, go to Settings > About tablet. Check that Build number 1.0.0-20230109 is present and Battery Information is now available to see the current battery condition. Once updated, you can then update and recover battery packs as needed.

Build number 1.0.0-20220616 and later provides a path to remotely downgrade to Android 9 if requested, though this is not recommended. Again, using Android 9 will mean that you no longer receive security updates.


Approved: OS, JM, 05Jul2022