Mesa 3 Android 11 OS Build Number 1.0.0-20231203

2 Jan 2024

Mesa 3 Android 11 OS (operating system) release 1.0.0-20231203 is available. For a detailed descripton of the changes, review the release notes and Mesa 3 battery information. Android is only providing security updates for Android 11 or later. If you have a device running Android 9, Juniper Systems recommends requesting an upgrade to Android 11. A device must be running Android 9 build number 1.0.1-20220312 or later before it can be upgraded to Android 11.

When connected to the internet, Android notifies you that a system update is available. If the notification does not appear, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update > Check for update.

Instructions for Upgrading the OS and Troubleshooting Methods


To view the build number and battery information, select Settings > About tablet. Using an upgraded device, you can update and recover battery packs.

Note: Build number 1.0.0-20220616 and later allows you to remotely downgrade to Android 9 if requested. However, Juniper Systems does not recommend this because Android 9 no longer receives security or feature updates.


Approved: OS, AH, TR 23Jun2023