Android 11 now available for Mesa 3

6 May 2022

Android 11 is now available for model units that are based on the Juniper Systems Mesa 3 Android platform. Android 11 is being provided on all new Mesa 3 Android units that are shipped from our factory (unless prior arrangements have been made with specific partners). Units with Android 9 can be upgraded at no cost. See these links for details of the benefits and changes.

When units with a serial number of 304060 or later are connected to the internet, they will automatically receive a notification to choose to download and install the upgrade. Or end-users can also check for the update then select to install it by going to Settings > System > Advanced > System update.

Warning: Before you upgrade from Android 9 to 11, ensure your device has been backed up. Also, remove any inserted MicroSD card. When it is time to update your Mesa 3 from Android 9 to Android 11, please be aware that any files or settings you have on your device will not be retained on the device through the update. The information retained and restored through the operating system update will vary based on your apps and configurations. After you have upgraded your unit, you will have the option to retrieve your data backup from the cloud. For more information about backing up and restoring your Android device, please see the following web page.

Back Up and Restore Android with Google

If you want to upgrade previous or other Mesa 3 Android 9 units to Android 11, please fill out the form linked below. 

Note: Units with a serial number previous to 304060 have a front-facing camera that is not officially supported in Android 11. The camera may actually work, but we do not guarantee full operation or continued support. Retrofit options may be available if found to be needed.

After filling out the form, each submitted IMEI will be added to an upgrade list. The device must be connected to the Internet. Updates may not just happen automatically. Go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update and click on "Check for updates" several times. If no update appears, reboot the device and try again. If the upgrade notification still does not appear on the unit after at least a couple of days, please email for assistance.

Note: As a reminder, Google will no longer be providing Android 9 updates and Juniper System’s final Mesa 3 Android 9.0 OS (Operating System) release 1.0.1-20220312 was released 30 March 2022. Any further updates will be provided after installing this initial Android 11 Build R-1.0.0-20220309 release.