Running slow or locking up

14 Sep 2016

Last updated 14 Sept 2016, original article from 6 Dec 2006:

Occasionally, software programs or the operating system on a device may cease to respond, leaving the device in a state where it cannot be used until some or all software programs are closed or the operating system is reset. Some possible solutions are mentioned below.

Applications or Tasks Manager

Try opening the Applications or Task Manager on the rugged handheld computer to stop applications or end tasks. Follow the instructions below:

Once the Applications or Task Manager is open:

  1. View all running applications. Also tap on Menu > View > Processes. Pay particular attention to any running application(s) or process(es) that is/are consuming the most (or all) available resources (Memory and CPU).
  2. Tap on the applications to highlight the ones you would like to stop, and then tap on the End Task or Stop button.
  3. To stop all currently running applications, tap on Menu > End All Tasks or the Stop All button.

If system performance returns to normal, this may indicate that a particular job/data file may be corrupt or excessively large, or a particular app/process needs to be uninstalled and reloaded such as is described at these web pages.

Soft Reset

Try soft resetting the device by pressing and holding the Power (On/Off) key for 5-10 seconds until the screen flashes off briefly and the device resets.

Hard Reset

Try hard resetting the device by pressing and holding the Power (On/Off) key for a full count of 20 seconds. If that does not work, then exit all running applications (if possible) and remove all power sources (such as battery pack(s) and wall charger) for at least 20 minutes.

Install Latest Updates

There may be a new operating system release or patch available for your Field PC. To check for updates, please visit the downloads section of our web page.

Allegro 2 downloads

Restore System or Set Factory Defaults

For instructions on how to restore the system from a previously saved state (if one exists), please visit the following web page.

System backup of the Field PC

For setting the system to a factory default state, download and install the operating system from our website or perform a Clean Boot as instructed at the following web pages.