Set Windows CE to Factory Defaults

17 Mar 2006

Warning- Following the below procedures can potentially remove software, software licenses, or data that has not been backed up to a desktop PC or to the Allegro`s internal flash memory (C_Drive). Make sure all data has been backed up, and all software can be possibly re-installed and/or re-registered by you.

To set Windows CE on an Allegro CX or CE Field PC to factory defaults-

  1. Tap on the Allegro`s Start button > Programs > Utilities > Set Factory Defaults. Note- If you have an Allegro CX Field PC with operating system version 1.05 or earlier, you may need to delete the hidden WinCESys folder from the root directory of the C_Drive to ensure the Set Factory Defaults utility will complete fully.
  2. Tap on the YES button when the "Reload Factory Default System" window appears.
  3. Let the operating system complete loading and then follow the instructions on the screen for re-calibrating the touchscreen. If you get an error message stating "Can`t Boot: No valid NK.BIN" or "ERROR: No Bootable Sources Found," refer to the Missing C_Drive or NK.BIN file solutions website. Note- At this point, if a software application can still be ran using the program`s executable file under My Computer > C_Drive (possibly in a sub-folder named for the software), you can create a new desktop shortcut to the application by tapping on the program file once to highlight, and then tap on the File menu > Send To > Desktop As ShortCut.
  4. Re-install software, data, and software licenses (registration keys), and then save the system by tapping on the Allegro`s Start button > Programs > Utilities > Save System.