Factory reset the Allegro MX or TK6000

18 Aug 2008

Warning: All data installed by the user will be removed from the internal flash storage memory (except the backup \Storage folder). If possible, backup all data to another location before restoring the system to a factory default state.

With the Allegro MX and TK6000 (or Carlson Surveyor+), to remove all data from the main internal storage memory (root \Device and all sub-folders except \Storage) on the Field PC, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Perform a Reset by pressing and holding the Power Button for 3 seconds then select Reset from the menu (or continue to hold the Power Button until the display flashes off).
  2. Immediately press and simultaneously hold the Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys.
  3. Release all keys a few (recommended 10) seconds after the Ultra-Rugged Field PC screen appears.

Confirmation that the restore to factory defaults worked is when the Align Display (calibrate touchscreen) screen appears.