Connect the Geode to iPhone or iPad

1 Dec 2021

To pair your Geode with an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth, you can connect directly with the Geode Connect app or pair the Geode to the OS of your iOS device.

Connect Directly through Geode Connect

  1. Power on the Geode and open Geode Connect on your device.

  2. Click OK to pair your device with the Geode.

  3. On the Connect Device screen, tap Discover Nearby Devices

  4. Tap OK.

  5. In the Select An Accessory dialog box, select the serial number of your Geode.

The serial number can be found on the bottom of the Geode.

When the Geode is paired with your iOS device, a green "Pairing Successful" banner will appear.

  1. On the Connect Device screen, select your Geode.

When your Geode is selected, the Home screen will appear.



Pair to the OS

  1. Power on the Geode.

  2. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

  3. Go to Bluetooth > Other Devices.

  4. Select the Geode you want to pair with. It will be listed with its serial number, which can be found on the bottom panel of the Geode.

  5. Allow the iPhone to complete the pairing process.

  6. Open Geode Connect.

  7. Select Connect.

  8. Select the Geode you want to connect with.




After the Geode GNS2 has been paired with the iPhone or iPad, you can disconnect from Geode Connect, and fully close/exit the app (by swiping it away and verifying the icon for it is no longer visible at the top, or uninstall it if desired). You can then use the Geode in a data collection app such as those listed at the following web page.

Apple iPhone and iPad apps for the Geode GNS2

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