iPhone and iPad Data Collection Apps to use with Geode GNS3 and GNS2

23 Jan 2024

If you are an iOS app developer, please see the following web page for details.

Developing iOS app for use with Geode GNS3 and GNS2

Many iOS apps have already been or are already in the process of being specifically updated for use with the Geode GNS3 and GNS2. Apps that have already been added to and approved as part of our Apple-compatibility Product Plan for the Geode include the following.

Original article from 25 Oct 2019:

See the following web page for a more graphic version of this article.

Geode GNS2 optimized apps for iPhone and iPad

As soon as you pair the Geode GNS2 to an iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth, all apps that use location information will automatically start using the Geode GNS2 (when turned on and in range) instead. This even includes our own Geode Connect for iOS that is available from the App Store, which makes it more of a periphery utility, not even being required to be installed when using other apps. Geode Connect is still useful such as if needing to change settings in the Geode, or for use as an NTRIP client.

Optionally, apps can be specifically updated to directly interface with the Geode, such as for being able to display more detailed accuracy information. For app developers, the process for doing this is in the following web document.

Connecting iPhone and iPad Apps with the Geode (PDF)