SIM card will not activate in Mesa 3 Windows

16 Jun 2020

Update 13 Jul 2022: With the 3G sunset, some 4G LTE cellular modems may not be able to retrieve APN settings. This problem is heightened because Windows no longer supports the QMI interface used to apply the APN information to cell modems. For details, see Apply an APN with Skylight.

16 Jun 2020

Mesa 3 Windows model units must have OS release 20043 or higher installed to be able to activate a new inserted Micro SIM card (after purchasing a compatible 4G LTE cellular data plan). If needed, this is available to download from the following web page. Installing this patch will uninstall older cellular modem drivers then install newer drivers.

Cumulative patch update 20043 for Windows 10 on Mesa 3

Inserting a Nano SIM card adapter may damage the Micro SIM card slot header pins. If this has occurred, the unit will need to be submitted to a certified repair center.