Inserting & Removing SIM Cards in Mesa

18 May 2022

An image on the battery compartment label shows the correct location and orientation for the SIM card. To easily and safely remove the card when needed, place a piece of tape on the front of the card (and adapter, if using).

Note: Tape is especially useful when using a Nano-to-Micro SIM adapter to prevent the Nano SIM from falling out.

To use a SIM card:

  1. Pull the flexible cardholder back out of the way.
  2. Orient the card according to the picture in the battery compartment. 
  3. Push the card into the slot.


To remove a card, pull it out. You may need to pull the tape tail (if you have added tape) or use an eraser for better grip.

Nano-to-Micro SIM Adapter Stuck in Card Slot

If your Nano SIM card adapter gets stuck in the slot, use a tool to carefully hold down each pin contact while removing the card or adapter, as shown below. 

Successfully removing the card or adapter should leave the three or four contact pins in good condition as shown below.

If a SIM card header pin has been damaged when removing a Nano-to-Micro SIM adapter, this can be fixed at a certified repair center.