Power Monitor error message appears repeatedly

11 Nov 2015

Update Dec 2018 - A patch utility is available at the following web page.

A2 Power Monitor error patch

A Power Monitor error message may appear on an Archer 2 or Allegro 2 stating the following.

"The power system has stopped responding. Close all files and applications. Press and hold the power button to reset the device."

If needing a more immediate solution, and if after performing a soft Reset (holding the Power button for 5 seconds) and Hard Reset (holding the Power button for 30 seconds) the message continues to appear again and again, then the unit may need to be Clean Boot (set to factory defaults) as follows.

  1. Backup all data and installed applications, as they will need to be re-installed.
  2. Hold the Power button for 17-20 seconds until a blue screen with sliders appears.
  3. Move the "Set Factory Defaults" slider to Yes.
  4. Tap Exit.


If you currently have an OS Build Version prior to 1.6.1 (as shown under Start > Settings > System > System Information), it is recommended that you update to help avoid such issues in the future.

Allegro 2 Downloads

If you continue to have issues, or if issues return soon after, the unit may need to be evaluated at a certified repair center.

It is believed that this issue is caused by a corruption in storage memory. To help avoid such issues in the future, it is recommended to save and close data then properly exit running apps and perhaps even perform a full soft Reset or Power Off such as before charging over nights and weekends. Leaving apps running and data open continuously such as while in Suspend/Sleep or even while charging could potentially lead to such corruption. This is as historically described at the following web page.

Data or job file corrupted or causing lock ups