Repair Policies (Instructions)

15 Mar 2018


Request a Repair

If your Juniper Systems product is in need of repair, paid upgrade, or servicing, please fill out the form at:

Repair (RMA) Request Form

Standard repair orders and 3-Day Expedite Service repair orders are valid for 30 days from the date issued. 1-Day Expedite Service repair orders are valid for 7 days from the date issued. If you will not be sending the product to us immediately, please wait to request a repair until closer to the time when you are ready to send us the product.

Note: Juniper Systems strives to provide continued full repair services for our products for 3 to 5 years from end of life announcement of a product model. However, in some rare cases (depending on the repair need), it may not be possible to perform a repair due to an unforeseen discontinuation or lack of supplied parts from third-party vendors. Repair support for a product may continue beyond five years if obtaining replacement parts or tools remains economically feasible. Our policy is that we will do what is best and most beneficial for our customers and company.


Check Repair Status

To check the status of a current repair or upgrade, please enter the product serial number on our form at:

Repair (RMA) Status Form


Contact Information

Please have the following information ready when you contact us about a product that may be in need of repair:

After you have submitted a repair order, please ship the product to:

Juniper Systems Repair Center
Attn: <Product Model>
SN # ______ (or supplied tracking number)
1132 West 1700 North
Logan, UT 84321 USA
Phone: 1-435-753-1881

Note: Additional charges may apply to any product that is shipped to us without a valid repair order having been submitted in advance.


Shipping Information

Use the address above to return products for repair or upgrade, which is in the Contact Information section.

Shipping Method and Costs

If shipping product overnight for 1-Day Expedite Service (described in the Lead Time section below), we recommend using a shipping method that will ensure arrival early enough in the business day to provide us time to complete the repair the same day (if possible). Otherwise, it will be completed the next business day.

The customer has the responsibility to ship the equipment to Juniper Systems with all shipping costs prepaid. After repairing or replacing the equipment, Juniper Systems will ship the equipment back to the customer using the same delivery speed the customer used to ship the equipment to our facility, unless the customer specifies an alternative return delivery speed. We recommend to not submit a PO Box for the return shipping address. If you must have us ship to a PO Box, please contact to discuss. Return shipment costs are paid by the customer for non-warranty repairs and upgrades.

The customer is responsible for backing-up all needed data from the product before shipment (if possible). The customer is also responsible for providing accurate return shipping information as well as to track shipping to and from the repair center. Any delivery failure claims must be made to the shipping agency within 60 days of shipment.

To reduce shipping costs, it is recommended to not include any accessory items (including batteries) except those that may potentially be needed to reproduce a problem description. Some shipping agencies may prefer or require that any product carrying case (plastic or otherwise) be contained within a cardboard container during shipments, or else additional charges may apply. A low quality or other non-qualifying shipping container that is received with a product may be replaced with a qualifying return shipping container without notice.

International Shipments

When shipping US-made product back to the USA for repair, replacement, or return, please ensure you have submitted the proper documentation for customs clearance and paid in advance for all expenses and duties incurred (if any). It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the device is packaged, prepared, and shipped to Juniper Systems. (If needed, you can refer your shipping agency to the information provided by UPS at their Country Regulations website by entering your country as the Origin Country or Territory and the United States of America as the Destination Country or Territory, checking the "Special Clearance Requirements"  box and the Show Regulations button. Your preferred small parcel courier may have similar information available.)

Juniper Systems recommends using a small parcel courier such as UPS, FedEx, DHL Express, US Postal Service, to avoid unnecessary delays and confusion in international transit. If you choose to use a freight forwarder, it is your responsibility to select the proper incoterms (DDP with the agreed delivery destination as Juniper Systems, Inc., 1132 West 1700 North, Logan, Utah, US) and utilize your own broker to ensure the RMA arrives at Juniper Systems. Juniper Systems will not broker the shipment into the US. You need your own broker.

We recommend using the following general codes and descriptions for international shipments:

Handheld Computers Being Returned for Repair or Replacement:

Handheld Computers Being Returned for Retrofit or upgrade:

New Handheld Computers Being Returned:
Other details

If you need other certifications, declarations, or assistance with shipping other items to our repair center, please contact for instructions.


Lead Time

Standard Repairs

Regular warranty and charged repairs or upgrades are completed within a standard repair lead time (a goal of about 10 business days) from arrival to the repair center (not including shipping time and time spent at partner facilities if not shipped directly to the repair center). For a list of events that could affect lead times, see our repair center closure dates.

Standard repair orders are valid for 30 days from the date issued. If the unit is not received at our repair center within the 30-day time limit the repair order may be voided and if so then a new repair order will need to be submitted.

If you need the repair or upgrade sooner, we offer Complete Care service plans and Expedite Service programs to speed the repair, as explained below.

Complete Care service plans

Our Complete Care service plans offer many benefits, including faster repair services. For more information, please visit our Warranty Information webpage.

To order a service plan, please contact us at

Expedite Services

3-Day Expedite - For $50.00 US Dollars (in addition to applicable repair or upgrade charges and shipping costs) per product, our 3-Day Expedite Service ensures the repair or upgrade will be performed within 72-hours from arrival to us during business days (so excluding weekends and holidays). Please provide payment information in advance if possible. This service is included with the Gold Complete Care service plan.

If this lead-time cannot be met, the customer will be notified and given other options. The customer will no longer be responsible for the $50 per unit expediting fee (as long as the delays were beyond customer control).

A 3-day Expedited repair order is valid for 30 days from the date issued. If the unit is not received at our repair center within the 30-day time limit the repair order will be voided and a new repair order may need to be submitted.

1-Day Expedite - For $100.00 US dollars (in addition to applicable repair or upgrade charges and shipping costs) per product, our 1-Day Expedite Service ensures the repair is performed within 24-hours from arrival to us during business days (so excluding weekends and holidays). This service is included with the Platinum Complete Care service plan.

We will guarantee the equipment will get first priority service and we will do everything in our power to ship it within one business day from arrival to us. If we are unable to ship the equipment within this time frame, the customer will be notified and the service will default to a 3-Day Expedite Service. The customer will then only be responsible for the $50 per unit fee in place of the $100 per unit fee (as long as the delays were beyond the customer's control).

All charged 1-Day Expedite repairs must have payment information provided in advance if possible. If payment information is not recorded and we are unable to reach the customer to obtain this information, the repair may be delayed while the full expedite fee may remain in effect.

A 1-Day Expedited repair order is valid for 7 days from the date issued. If the unit is not received at our repair center within the 7-day time frame, the repair order may be reverted to 3-Day Expedite or Standard repair status and may no longer be subject to 1-Day Expedited turn-around times and fees, unless renewed by the customer.


System Updates and Data Management

As part of the repair process, we install all available system updates and verify normal system performance. This may require the unit to be returned to a factory defaults state. This will result in the removal of any data and programs on the unit. The customer is responsible for backing-up all needed data from the product before shipment and will be responsible for installing any required programs when the unit is returned.

If it is not possible for data to be backed up, or it is critical that application software and/or other settings on the unit are not altered, then a data recovery/preservation option is available. If this option is chosen, please be prepared to provide the technician repairing the unit with any user names, login ID’s, passwords, pin numbers, or required files when they contact you. Be aware that data recovery is likely, but not guaranteed, if it is requested in response to a catastrophic event or damage. Data recovery and/or app preservation may also significantly increase repair times.

If expedited data recovery is requested, even if the repair time of the hardware is not a concern, there will be an expedited service charge. We cannot separate data recovery from expedited repairs.


Potential Warranty Coverage or Repair Costs Payment

Some repair and return shipping costs may be covered by a warranty policy, while some may be charged for payment by the customer. Below are explanations for potential warranty coverage and/or repair cost payments.

Warranty Repairs

All repairs are evaluated for potential warranty or service plan coverage regardless of customer feedback. But if you feel this repair is covered under a standard or an extended warranty (you have reviewed the applicable warranty terms and conditions and checked using the online warranty status form) and would like to remind the repair technician just in case, please enter "warranty" as the purchase order (PO) number when filling out the Repair (RMA) Order Form. The repair technician will contact you if any charges apply to this repair or if they have any questions as to the product's warranty coverage.

After any repair has been completed, Juniper Systems warrants the parts and workmanship of the repair for 90-days. This includes product repairs that are performed during on-site visits and at all repair center locations. The repair warranty is limited to parts (e.g. components that were replaced in the unit) and labor for that specific previous repair. For example, if the product is returned within the 90-day repair warranty period and the subsequent repair is completely unrelated to the previous repair, it is charged (unless covered by another warranty policy). For a list of the repair warranty exclusions, please refer to the exclusions stated in our standard warranty terms and conditions.

Charged Repairs

For repairs not covered under a warranty program, it is the customer`s responsibility to provide payment information with or prior to us receiving a repair order. By submitting a repair order and/or returning the equipment for repair or maintenance (submitting a repair order first is required), the customer authorizes Juniper Systems to complete repairs on the equipment up to the customer`s specified US dollar amount (if specified; recommended to specify $500 which usually covers most repairs). After the initial evaluation is complete, if the repair is found to possibly exceed the specified limit, repair work will cease and the customer will be contacted by a Juniper Systems repair technician with an itemized quote for the repair costs. The repair technician will place the repair on HOLD until receiving the customer`s authorization to proceed with the repair.

Additional Fees

A minimum fee of $125.00 US dollars for processing and handling will be applicable to any product that arrives at the repair center. Though once the product has been evaluated by a repair technician, this fee will most often be applied to (or warranted as) the first-hour labor costs of the repair. This fee or labor charge may be applicable to any non-warranty repair, even for cases of basic data recovery, salvage evaluations, or when the final total repair/replacement costs quote has been rejected.

Repairs that are on hold waiting for further information from the customer (such as payment information) in excess of 30 calendar days after initial contact by the repair center may be charged a processing fee of $100 per unit being repaired. The customer will be notified that the repair exceeded the allotted time and that the fee has been charged to the repair. If the needed information is still not provided, the customer will be given an additional 15 calendar days to provide the requested information. If the information is still not obtained after the 15 days, the equipment may then either be charged an additional $100 processing fee for each month the repair is not completed, or the product may be returned to the customer in the original condition, at their expense, and be invoiced for the parts and labor involved in the assessment of the issue as well as the processing fee. This policy is in effect for all repair orders (warranty or charged).


Payment Method

We accept any of the following payment methods:


Replacements or Returns

As noted on the original sales invoice, customers must inspect all products and components within seven calendar days to ensure the order is complete and in good physical condition.

For replacements or returns, you must obtain an RMA (Return Material Authorization) such as by submitting a repair order. A replacement may not be provided or a return will not be accepted without an RMA. Providing a replacement product may be subject to an initial physical evaluation of the original product by a certified repair technician. Returns may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. The restocking fee may be waived at Juniper System's discretion based on the circumstances of the return. To process a refund or credit for returns, items must be in new condition, sealed software packages must be unopened, and all software media, manuals, cables, and accessories must be returned with the product. Items must be returned within 90 calendar days of the invoice date. The customer will be charged for those items not included with a return. Refunds or credits will not include shipping or handling charges shown on the invoice. Special orders are not returnable.