Shipping Lithium Ion Batteries

28 Jun 2023

Shipping lithium-ion batteries requires the application of many regulations. If you are shipping batteries to us, please consult the following web pages for guidance.

IATA Guidance for Lithium Batteries

UPS Customer Center—Lithium Battery Safety Document for Ground Package

A regulatory Lithium warning label may be found on the side of the packaging for our individual products and/or on the outside of our shipping boxes.

The Li-Ion battery packs of our product are exempt under UN 3481 for a combination of reasons: the Watt-hour rating (DOT PI 173.185 c.1.i), DOT excepted weight of less than 5kg (DOT PI 173.185 c.1.iii), and shipped in/with equipment. (PI 967 - “Contained in equipment”, UN 3481, PI 966 - “Packed with equipment”).

Air freight restrictions regarding Lithium batteries (UN 3481, PI 966) shipped with equipment packed in the retail package, including up to two extra batteries (PI 966, section II) should allow transport on any aircraft. Loose lithium batteries (UN 3480, PI 965 IA or IB) shipped without related equipment are not allowed on passenger planes. Shipping loose batteries via air transport is restricted by country and courier. Loose lithium batteries shipped by air or ground are charged to 30% state of charge (SOC) or less. 

MSDS are available for reference from our website at this link Full List of Safety Data Sheets, including the OEM battery cells used in our products.

If further documentation is desired, Juniper Systems provides links (certifications and declarations) to related product information sheets as a service to its customers.

Reviewed and Approved: DT, 29 June 2023 DT. Article slightly modified on 6 Jan 2023, original article from 28 Sep 2016