Providing Technical Details

27 Jan 2010

When requesting technical support or entering repair descriptions, please be as descriptive as possible. The more clearly you can describe the problem and the symptoms that lead to the failure (especially with intermittent problems), the easier it is for our technicians to recreate the problem and find a solution. Please use complete sentences; the person receiving the product can misinterpret abbreviations.

Include as many of the following elements as possible when describing the problem:

Seeking answers to questions such as these now will prevent the technician from calling you later trying to recreate the problem with you over the telephone. It will also help you to determine if the unit even needs to be returned for repair. If you are not sure the product needs to be returned for repair and would like assistance troubleshooting the system, please feel free to contact one of our service technicians by phone at 1(435)753-1881 or email your question to