Integrated serial COM port power on Mesa 3 Windows and Mesa 2

22 Apr 2022


For details regarding power to the integrated serial COM port on the Mesa 3 Windows (or Mesa 2), please see the manual at the following web links.

Mesa 3 Windows manual

Mesa 2 manual

Try performing a Hard Reset which is done by going to Start > Power > Shut Down, wait until the screen then red light go out, then hold the hardware Power button for a full count of 20 seconds, release then wait a few seconds, then attach external power supply (such as wall charger), then briefly press the Power button again, wait for the unit to complete boot, and then test the RS-232 port and utility.

If the serial COM port is not being powered or is missing, you may be able to fix it using Device Manager such as under Ports (COM & LPT) by performing a Disable Device then Enable Device or uninstall and then install such as from this web page.

RS-232 expansion control panel for Mesa 3 and Mesa 2 with Windows

An OS patch update was provided to fix an issue with the RS-232 port after a Windows Update had installed. If your unit has an integrated RS-232 port, we recommend installing the patch from the following links.

OS patch 21228 or later for Mesa 3 Windows

OS patch 21182 or later for Mesa 2