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RS-232 expansion control panel for Mesa 2

22 Aug 2019

Click on the file below to download and run the installer for the RS-232 expansion control panel for the Mesa 2. This utility is for configuration of the optional integrated serial port on the back of some Mesa 2 units. Such a unit must also first have the cumulative patch 16194 or higher installed.

RS-232 Setup utility for Mesa 2



Revision 00 - Initial release. This is control panel version 1.0.3. It contains all standard languages for the control panel and for the installer as well.

Revision 01 - Adds Dutch language support to the other standard supported languages.

Revision 02 - Adds support for new RS232/Barcode combo hardware. This is control panel version 1.0.5.

Revision 03 - Changed device checking to allow it to run on a future model.  This is control panel version 1.0.7.