Drivers Package for the Mesa 4 and Mesa Pro

2 Jan 2024

The drivers and apps needed for a custom OS build are contained in our OS Patch.

For additional information on loading a custom Windows OS image on a Mesa, see Loading Custom Windows OS image on Mesa. The instructions for Windows 10 and Windows 11 are similar. 

Model OS Patch .bat File Firmware
Mesa Pro OS patch (coming soon) Firmware
Mesa 4 OS patch .bat file Firmware

Note: The optional .bat file contains registry keys not set by the OS patch. It should be edited for your support information and applied with the OS patch.

Firmware and OS patch installers are available for Mesa Pro and Mesa 4. The OS patch installer can behave as a drivers package installer using a few additional command line arguments as follows.

-passive  Install without user input through the user interface.

-osinstall  OS patch acts like a Drivers Package instead of a Patch. 

Referring to the following registry values:
"BuildJDate"="23000" ; Displays in the Device Settings App as Original OS Version.
"PatchJDate"="23001" ; Displays in the Device Settings App as the Patch OS Version.

When the -osinstall argument is used, it sets the OS version value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Juniper Systems\BuildJDate instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Juniper Systems\PatchJDate to indicate that this is an Original OS Version number and not a Patch OS Version number.

Using the -osinstall argument sets some registry values or settings that are not set when running without the argument. This is intentional. These are user configurable settings, and we want these set by default for an OS build but not changed when we run as a patch. If you do not want these set in your custom OS, then you need to revert these changes after installing the OS patch.



Cellular drivers are installed regardless of the presence of a cellular module. This allows an OS to be built on a non-cellular device and deployed to a device with a cellular module and still contain the driver.

Adaptive Brightness is enabled by default.

The OS Patch (drivers package installer) does not contain the graphics drivers. Use driver from Intel® ArcTM & Iris® Graphics - Windows.

The installer is not intended to be extracted for manually obtaining raw driver files. If you need individual raw driver files for your Mesa OS image development, please contact with details of your specific needs.

Updated 5 Jan 2024; Original article 25 Jan 2023. ZJ