Stuck at white screen on Mesa 3 Windows

17 Feb 2021

There are many potential causes to being stuck at a white screen. For an immediate solution, briefly pressing the Power button to perform a Sleep and then again to resume may help. If not, then try holding the hardware Power button for 10 seconds to force a Restart. Or try performing a Hard Reset by holding the button for a full 20 seconds then attaching external power and briefly pressing the button again.

One specific possible cause to such an issue is that a remote display/control tool, such as LogMeIn or TeamViewer, has installed a DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) driver. It has been reported that an installed DPMS driver can sometimes cause a white screen, usually when initially booting the unit from a full Shut Down particularly when Fast StartUp has been disabled. If such a driver is causing this issue, it can be uninstalled/removed as described at the following web page.

How to Remove the DPMS Driver

If that does not help or relate to your case, then some other possible general causes to such an issue are listed at the following web pages.