Improved Wet and Glove touchscreen profiles

11 Dec 2020

Improved Wet and Glove touchscreen profiles are now available for Mesa 3 Windows model units as well as for later Mesa 2 units that have the Revision 5 display. This is being installed on new Mesa 3 and Mesa 2 units from production. To install this on a previously shipped unit with this display, download and run the relevant patch utility from one of the following web pages.

Even with the improved touch profile update, we still recommend using a bare finger or the soft-tipped stylus (or our modified grounded tether version) in wet and/or cold conditions, and not the on-board fine hard-tipped stylus (as is warned against in the manual). The unit must be at a 30 degree or more angle from horizontal to prevent water accumulation on screen. Screen protector sheets can cause less accurate responses in such conditions. In extreme conditions, applying Rain-X or a similar hydrophobic coating can help. If further suggestions are needed, please see the following web pages.