Intermittent Bluetooth connection on Mesa 3 Windows

4 Aug 2020

If you have a Mesa 3 Windows model unit with the standard integrated Bluetooth module, and are encountering intermittent Bluetooth connections or drops such as at longer distances and/or high throughput, installing our OS release 20236 or later should help, or at least the following patch.


Right-click to save this file (may need admin rights to prevent it from being blocked) and then run it on the Mesa 3. After it has completed, perform a Restart.

This batch file applies the following Windows registry key which does not exist by default so must be created as a new entry.


The following similar key is not directly related to this issue so does not need to be modified.


The Windows registry key change prevents a potential conflict between legacy Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile) and newer BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connections. If you need to have both connection types simultaneously and encounter any conflicts with or without this Windows registry change, please contact with details.

If needing further ideas, please see the following web page.

General Bluetooth troubleshooting in Windows 10