On-screen keyboard settings and options

12 Mar 2021

This article provides solutions to common issues with the on-screen keyboard for the Mesa 2 and 3.

No Keyboard on Login Screen

If the on-screen keyboard will not appear on the Windows login screen even after tapping on a field, an automated Windows update may be in the process of installing. To show the update progress, tap Power > Restart.

If you are on the login password screen for Microsoft Windows 10, and the on-screen keyboard does not appear automatically or after placing the cursor in the password text box field,

Keyboard is Slow to Respond

If the on-screen keyboard is slow to respond,

You may need to disable Tablet Mode to improve response of the on-screen keyboard, and/or switch Touchscreen Profile.

Hardware Button Does Not Pull Up Keyboard

The P3 button is set by default to pull-up the on-screen keyboard when pressed. This setting can be viewed and changed in our custom keypad settings utility. A major Windows update may make this stop working. If so, installing OS patch 17349 or later should fix it.

If not, visit our article Re-assigning hardware keys on Mesa 3 and Mesa 2 or contact support@junipersys.com for assistance. 

Keyboard Icon is Not Visible

If the keyboard launch icon is not visible in the bottom right system tray,

If this doesn't work,

Other options, such as a full keyboard, are available on this screen.

Additional keyboard options can be found under Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard.

Text Fields are Too Small

If some text fields appear to be too small to tap on to bring up the on-screen keyboard, see our article about adjusting the display scaling.

Carlson SurvPC Disabled Keyboard

If you are running the Carlson SurvPC software on your Mesa 3 or Mesa 2 unit, it will replace the default on-screen keyboard with its own inside and outside of the software.

To avoid this, temporarily disable the custom on-screen keyboard in SurvPC by clicking EquipConfigureGeneral > Use Virtual Keyboard.

Alternative On-Screen Keyboards and Numpads

Some alternative on-screen keyboards and numpads are in the following list, though we have not tested these so we cannot guarantee how well they work on a Mesa 2.



Original article written October 3, 2016.