Data or job file corrupted or causing lock ups

28 Sep 2016


A data or job file can become corrupted due to any number of reasons. Some reasons include loss of power to the rugged handheld computer (handheld) while the file is open or being edited in a software program, a significant static shock, drop, or impact to the handheld causing the system to lock up or reset, a bug in a particular software program, or an error in the operating system. In any case, corrupted files need to be fixed or deleted to prevent further difficulty in the operation of the handheld.

If you are able to exit the application software (app), end task, or soft Reset to get the unit going again at the home screen, you may want to use File Explorer to manually delete the files associated with the particular data or job. You may also want to tap on Start > Settings > System > Remove Programs to uninstall the app then re-install just to be safe.

If the file corruption has extended to other bits on the internal flash storage memory (hard drive), it could lead to issues as described at the following web pages.

If the potential solutions detailed at those web pages does not resolve the issues, then you may need to contact for further assistance or submit to repair center.