Unit is frozen and will not power off or reset

30 Mar 2016

If a unit is frozen and will not Suspend, Power Off, or soft Reset, it is recommended to perform a Hard Reset by holding the Power Button for more than 30 seconds (even through the blue screen with sliders, if it appears), and then again for 3-4 seconds.

WARNING: Never pull the battery while the unit is running (even if frozen). Performing a Hard Reset instead is recommended. Removing the battery while the unit is running could lead to internal storage memory corruption with symptoms as follows.

If the unit freezes within a few seconds after completing the boot process, then the installation CAB file(s) in the firmware which install customizations or Office Mobile may need to be removed or replaced. These can be removed by saving this A2Update.txt file to an inserted MicroSD card (or the root directory), and then perform a soft Reset. If you would like to restore these customizations or Office Mobile, please contact support@junipersys.com for assistance.

If such an issue occurs repeatedly, you may want to take the time to identify a root cause. Such causes can vary significantly. Please visit the following web page for assistance in identifying the cause.

Running slow or locking up

If you feel that the internal storage memory (hard drive) may be corrupted and needs to be wiped and reloaded, you can use the operating system install files at the following web links.

Otherwise, the unit could be submitted for repair at a certified repair center.