Stuck during the boot process

5 Aug 2015

If an Archer 2 or Allegro 2 is stuck during the boot process (while the firmware and operating system are still loading after a reset or initial power on), please let us know if you are aware of any other issues or specific events which preceded this occurrence. If so, please email the information to

One possible cause is removing the battery while the unit is still running (maybe while writes to the internal flash storage memory are still occurring). Removing the battery while the unit is running (does not include at red battery screen) could lead to internal storage memory corruption. Rather than initially removing the battery (even if the unit is frozen), it is better (safer) to instead perform a Hard Reset (by holding the Power button for a full count of 20 seconds) or full Power Off (not just Suspend) first.

When a unit is stuck during boot, some possible solutions are as follows (in order).

If the unit has/had an OS release prior to 1.6.1, please install the latest OS release which has some improvements which may prevent such an issue in the future. Storing program and/or data files on an inserted MicroSD card instead may also help.

If the unit is still stuck, you could possibly provide information to such as any error message number that appears or at which white box it is stuck on the bottom progress bar. This info could possibly help determine what occurred. But in any case, if the above solutions do not help then most likely the unit would need to be submitted for repair (such as for possible replacement of the internal flash storage memory).