Red battery screen appears on Archer 2 or Allegro 2

15 Dec 2015

With OS release 1.6.1 or higher installed on an Archer 2 or Allegro 2 unit, you may encounter a red battery screen similar to one of the following.

These screens indicate one of the following conditions.

  1. The unit does not have a battery pack inserted, so is running on an external power source alone.
  2. The battery pack has been extremely depleted (usually from improper storage), and has entered "recovery mode".
  3. The inserted battery pack will not take a charge and needs to be replaced.


To correct such a situation, make sure the battery is properly inserted, attach external power, and leave charging for 2-4 hours (overnight if necessary). Or purchase a replacement battery, but that is usually not necessary.

To avoid such a situation in the future, attach external power (or place in charging dock) every night and weekend. This is similar to as we have recommended for all of our product models which use Li-Ion and NiMh batteries.

If unable to charge or for storage, hold the Power button for 2-3 seconds until the Power Button menu appears, then select to fully "Power Off" (and not to just Suspend).

WARNING: Never pull the battery while the unit is running (even if frozen). Instead, perform a Hard Reset (by holding the Power button for a full count of 20 seconds) or full Power Off. Removing the battery while the unit is running (does not include at red battery screen) could lead to internal storage memory corruption with symptoms as described at these web pages.

See the user guide (manual) for further information.