Drivers packages for Windows on Mesa 3 and Mesa 2

22 May 2023

Microsoft has recommendations for more easily switching editions of Windows 10, or for creating corporate Windows 10 images. Please review the following web page before proceeding.

Loading custom Windows OS image on Mesa

Hopefully the recommendations at the above web page will provide what you need. Otherwise, if you still need to install drivers, many of the latest published drivers are linked from or available at the Mesa 3 downloads and Mesa 2 downloads web pages.

The following drivers package installers (MSI) provide all of Juniper System's Drivers, Applications, and Control Panels for each Mesa Windows model. It also has drivers for the processor and radios. Further details regarding what is provided in each package are in the following text documents.



This drivers package installer is intended to be included (as a whole) with an OS image (such as created using MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit)) that is being deployed (such as using SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager)) to be executed as the first task in the task sequence. Basically, after SCCM loads an OS image on a Mesa unit, this installer should automatically immediately run to apply the drivers and all required related Windows registry keys, utility software, and other settings. This installer is not intended to be extracted just for manually obtaining raw driver files, which will not function without executing the installer immediately during deployment.



If our drivers package installer will not work for you, please contact with a detailed explanation of your needs.

The above drivers package installers do NOT contain some drivers which are built into Juniper's OS images. Drivers which are not included can be found at the following web pages (initial legal agreements may be required before each download).

Intel HD Graphics 505 for Mesa 3 or Intel HD Graphics for Mesa 2

ublox u-center Product resources

FTDI Chip D2XX Direct Drivers

Cell Modem driver update for Mesa 2

DisplayLink Downloads

The MSI drivers packages create a file: c:\Recovery\OEM\regrecover.xml. This file can be used with Microsoft's scanstate.exe tool in creating the OS image. This is needed to preserve some registry keys through a factory reset ("Reset this PC").

Note: This information is provided as a reference and does not imply that Juniper Systems will be able to provide full support for any custom or third-party drivers or operating system image that is running on a Juniper Systems product.


PN 28023 and 26494

Content updated 10 Nov 2022, original article from 11 July 2016