Bluetooth with Carlson SurvCE

4 Mar 2008

It is recommended to use the custom Socket Mobile Bluetooth Drakar stack version 6.3.17 drivers with the Carlson SurvCE software on the Allegro CX Field PC. These custom drivers allow the Carlson SurvCE software to bond with Bluetooth devices that require a security passkey (but also seem to help even when no passkey is required). These drivers can be downloaded from the Allegro CX Field PC Downloads Webpage.

If you are having issues with the Bluetooth "B" icon disappearing from the bottom-right system tray, Bluetooth devices not staying connected to SurvCE (frequently dropping connection), the name of the Bluetooth device continuously disappearing from the "Bluetooth Devices" window in SurvCE (requiring you to again bond with the device each time), or the Bluetooth device name is in the "Bluetooth Devices" window but you cannot connect to it, then you may need to set the Allegro to factory defaults. Loading the Socket Bluetooth 6.3.17 drivers can prevent such issues from occurring in the future, but do not resolve issues that are already occurring unless installed after setting the Allegro to factory defaults and before again using the "Bluetooth Devices" screen in SurvCE to bond with the Bluetooth device.

If you are having Bluetooth issues in SurvCE as described above, follow these steps:

  1. Open SurvCE > Equip tab > About SurvCE option, write down the serial number and registration code, and then exit SurvCE.
  2. Tap on Start > Programs > Utilities > Set Factory Defaults. Follow the instructions on the screen for calibrating the touchscreen and battery indicator.
  3. Download and install the custom Socket Mobile Bluetooth Drakar stack version 6.3.17 drivers to the Allegro CX Field PC.
  4. Double-tap on My Computer > C_Drive > SurvStar folder, scroll down and locate the SurvCE icon (executable file), tap on File > Send To > Desktop (create shortcut). Exit the My Computer (Explorer) window. Note: You can rename the new desktop shortcut to SurvCE by tapping and holding the stylus on the icon until a menu appears, and then select "Rename".
  5. Open SurvCE and re-register the software (if required). You may need to contact Carlson Software to obtain the unlock code.
  6. Exit SurvCE and then save the system by tapping on Start > Programs > Utilities > Save System.
  7. Test the Bluetooth device bond and connection in SurvCE.

If you continue to have issues, please refer to the "Common Connection Issues with Bluetooth" FAQ webpage.